The Week Ahead

Sorry folks, been having some personal stuff to deal with this past week, and preparing for the new baby in another couple of weeks (we hope).  So the Cesspool’s been AWOL during this time. But! We’re back, and back on schedule. Here’s a look at the week ahead.

Lost Wednesday will review last week’s episode “What Kate Does” as well as the episode “The Substitute”, due to air tonight.

Fantabulous Fridays is a catch-all column that I’m sure will have a topic before Friday.  Probably the Olympics.  Or something like that.

Saturday’s Wide World of News looks over Utah’s state senator’s attempts to solve their budget problems by removing the entirety of the 12th grade from Mormonia’s curriculum, King Tut’s incestuous DNA, and Iran’s claims that they’re not a military dictatorship (and they’ll prove it by force if we make them).

Serial Sundays will see a return to “Infinite Space in a Box”, in which Daniel our narrator continues the tale of the crew of the Lucida and their appears-to-be-slightly-homicidal AI, Random.

Monday Review gives me another opportunity to dodge WoT and takes a look at the movie Boondock Saints II: All Saint’s Day… because the movie’s just that bad that people have to be warned about it.

(And maybe between now and then, I’ll have a surprise for you.)

So that’s it!  See you tomorrow for an exciting double edition of Lost Wednesdays!


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